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 | Mark Gould

It’s not often we get to interview a loyal customer but when we found out what a man based in Atlanta was doing in Nigeria, we just had to ask! One of our most loyal customers, who goes by the name of “Small”, shares his story on building a church in Nigeria and how Religious Supply Center was able to help.

RSC: How did you find RSC?

Small: I searched online for “religious/church supplies”, RSC came up and it sounded like a good name. I went through the site and found it interesting and then contacted them on telephone.

RSC: What made you want to continue working with us?

Small: 1) I found the website very detailed and easy to navigate. 2) The product offering was also quite pleasing and met my requirements. 3) The quality of the products met my expectations and the delivery schedule was adhered to.

RSC: What has been the best part of working with our team?

Small: The quality of the products and delivery time really thrilled me. The sales people were also very warm

RSC: What is your favorite item purchased from us?

Small: Whoa!! That is a tough question. I loved every item i got. There were like they appeared in the pictures. I had some doubts and trepidations while ordering but was very pleased when I took delivery of the items.

RSC: What made you want to start a church in Nigeria?

Small: My late father planted a parish of the Methodist church in his neighborhood but could not put up a structure before going to be with the lord 10 years ago. The children decided to build this in his memory and dedicate it to mark the 10th year memorial.

RSC: Describe the process of starting your church.

Small: I think it to be an awesome privilege doing this for God’s kingdom. It remains the most humbling and greatest achievement of my life.

RSC: How had RSC helped throughout the process?

Small: I am so thankful to RSC for being part of this. The items added remarkable color and beauty to the effort. Thank you RSC for a great job. I will recommend you to many.

RSC: What are your goals for your new church?

Small: I desire that this church to be the epicenter of true Methodism in Nigeria!

A special thanks to Small for the exclusive interview. We are honored to have you as a client and look forward to helping you continue to fulfill your dream!

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