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The Religious Supply Center, Inc. has been in business for over fifty years, serving churches of all denominations, convents, hospitals, health care facilities, individuals across the country and military installations around the world.


  • Woodcarvings
  • Marble Statuary
  • Bronze Statuary
  • Stain Glass Windows
  • Venetian Mosaics
  • Baptismal Fonts and Pools
  • Altars
  • Decorative Painting
  • Floors
  • Pews

From decorative floors to stained glass windows and from altars to baptismal fonts, the Religious Supply Center can restore or design everything you need for your complete church interior or exterior project.

No job is too small or too large for Religious Supply to handle.


The studio we use has been working with wood for over 100 years, following the tradition of their ancestors. Woodcarvings are valuable for their timeless beauty, becoming more precious with each passing year.

The wood used to create our fine works is called Linden wood. We import it from Eastern Europe, cut it and kiln dry it as needed to ensure only the best quality pieces are used.

Linden wood is perfect for carving since it is not too hard, fairly white in color and, when professionally dried, does not crack like pine wood. And since we use only the trunk to the first branches, the wood has no knots.



Our studio uses only the highest quality marble from the quarries of Tuscany: bianco puro or bianco duro di Carrara – the same marble used by Michelangelo. In 1517 Michelangelo found the “cava” di Seravezza on the mountain Altissimo. This type of marble is practically impervious to the elements.

The stone carving tools used nowadays have not change much from Michelangelo’s time. The rough stone is first pounded with a pitching hammer and then sculpted with special pointing tools and files.


Bronze is an excellent material for outdoor use, because it weathers well and ages gracefully. We now cast not only our standard statues, but also custom figures in bronze or aluminum.

Custom design is available to produce a unique work of art.




Your church’s stained glass windows are a testament of your faith and a reflection of your spiritual inspiration. Their lasting beauty will be a legacy for generations to come. Our mission and deep commitment is to ensure that your stained glass windows embody the truest representation of your highest truth and endure for future generations to appreciate.



Roman and Byzantine are the two mosaic styles known today. In the Byzantine tradition mosaics were made of colored glass, gold and Mother of Pearl which gave them an incomparable beauty. This was, without doubt, the most significant moment for mosaics.

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