Eximious Most Holy Rosary Paschal Candle

SKU: EX-Most Holy Rosary


Eximious Most Holy Rosary Paschal Candle



As the Virgin Mary stood witness to the triumph of her Son on the cross, Christ our savior is called down to the Mother of Sorrows decreeing her the Spiritual Mother fo our holy church. Marial Blue, the glorifying color scheme of this reverent Paschal design, highlights the Rosary-adorned cross as it’s center piece. The Agnus Dei is the feature element of the top band of the candle, while the bottom band at the foot of the cross is graced with the Miraculous Medal, roses, and flurs-de-lis.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

1-15/16" x 39", 2" x 44", 2-1/16" x 36", 2-1/16" x 42", 2-3/16" x 48", 2-1/4" x 48", 2-3/8" x 52", 2-1/2" x 36", 2-1/2" x 48", 2-1/2" x 60", 3"x 36", 3" x 48", 3" x 60", 3-1/2" x 48", 3-1/2" x 62", 4" x 42", 4" x 60"


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