Gloria Paschal Candle

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The “Gloria” is a magnificent waxwork. Each Sculpted Light Paschal Candle is hand carved from a mold, then crafted in a silicon mold into which perfectly blended wax is poured. Highly skilled hand painting is the final step before careful and secure application of design ornaments are applied to the candle.



Sculpted Light Paschal Candles are designed to add grace and reverence to the Sanctuary.Beginning with designs by talented liturgical artist Ellen Kamysz, the Will & Baumer® paschal team handcrafts both traditional and contemporary paschal candles to complement church interiors of all kinds.

We’re proud of the process we’ve developed for making decorations, expertly blending beeswax and paraffin that is then poured into handmade molds at the Will & Baumer® factory outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Hand painting and application of design ornaments are added to make the beautiful, long lasting paschal you’ve come to expect inevery Will & Baumer® Candle.

We encourage you to burn Will & Baumer® Sculpted Wax Paschal candles in the same tradition as Christians have since the third century. Join us in celebrating Christs illuminating light, and His presence in the midst of His people with a Will & Buamer® Paschal.

Packaging Information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 5 × 6 in

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