Alb – Beige Lace in Greco

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Alb – Beige Lace in Greco



Alb – Beige Lace in Greco

Decorated with three inserted woven borders, this washable alb in a coat style, is adapted to be worn under a chasuble, as a vestment for concelebration, for baptism, home Mass or for lectors. The collar is finished with a fixed amice, concealing the clothing underneath. It is closed with fabric-covered buttons for a perfect fit. The two elegant front and back pleats guarantee complete freedom of movement. Two slits make access to trousers pockets available. Can be worn with or without a cincture. Manufactured in wash-and-wear fabrics.

Length should be measured from base of neck to top of shoe (usually approx. 12″ less than persons height)

Packaging Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 2 in

Length 51" Chest 31-34", Length 52" Chest 31-34", Length 53" Chest 34-37", Length 53" Chest 37-41", Length 54" Chest 34-37", Length 54" Chest 37-41", Length 55" Chest 37-41", Length 57" Chest 41-45", Length 59" Chest 45-49"


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